Eligiendo el vestido de baño ideal acorde a tu figura

How to choose beachwear according to your silhouette

When planning our trips to the beach we must choose timeless and versatile pieces that allow us to combine and have many outfits, but above all we must know how to select designs that highlight our attributes and balance the silhouette. If you have almost no waist, opt for garments that create the illusion of a smaller waist. If you have small shoulders or a narrow chest, we recommend choosing garments with textures, patterns or details such as boleros on the top, with this your upper part will stand out more than the bottom, for this, light or bright colors will be an excellent option. You should not use triangular cuts, this cut will make your chest look smaller and separated. The ideal necklines in the shape of a heart or rectangular. For the lower part choose simple garments, high shot. If you are going to wear one-piece garments, we recommend deep necklines and accessories at the top that focus on the chest and waist. For bathing outings or fringes at the top either on the chest or on the shoulders, dresses and kimonos that give the impression of a narrow waist and the top with more volume will be your allies.

If you have a large bust and shoulders, you should choose pieces that highlight the lower part of your body, look for all the design details to be in this part. Thongs with strings on the sides that you can tie with pronounced bows, boleros are an excellent option and the bright and striking colors and minimal design on the top. If you like to wear one-piece garments, look for the lower part to have boleros, side knots, fringes, vertical stripes that highlight the waist. For the upper part we suggest triangular or asymmetrical cuts, one shoulder and deep V necklines.

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